Birthday Suit & Tie

We finally made it to the weekend of the Legends of the Summer concert in SF and most importantly the 31st birthday of my dearest brestie in the whole wide world!  The last concert we attended together was Britney Spears’ Dream within a Dream tour twelve years ago.  I was a huge fan back then with three concerts under my belt and a proud owner of a Britney embroidered pillow and matching hairbrush.

Twelve years later and we’re due for a concert (and a new hairbrush).  I’m looking forward to singing and dancing our little hearts out tonight.  Happy birthday, Sorrina!*  You’re the best default bestfriend no one would ever ask for and this is my GIFs to you.

*Name has been altered to protect the subject’s identity

How you react to adults that cut your children in the carousel line at the county fair.


Every time I ask you what time you can meet me. 


When it’s after 10am and you can’t find me on IM.


Counting down the minutes (hours) till lunch time.


When it’s time to put your order in for lunch.


When someone attempts to ask you a question.


How you feel about people in general.


When the clock strikes 5.


After a girls night out with me.


When I told you we were going to the JT/JZ concert.


The first time you listened to the Holy Grail album.


And the second time….


Us at the concert tonight.


And after the concert….. in traffic.


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