Golden Gate Bridge: Baconized

I learned yesterday that Box Basics was hosting an I Love Bacon Contest where Crossfitters create something original/unique/funny utilizing bacon and submit a picture of themselves in their Crossfit swag holding up their fatty creation.   Winner gets a free pair of shoes!  Done and done.  And then I realized the damn deadline was yesterday at noon.  But have no fear.  When life hands you bacon, you make bacon fat.  Eeerr… something like that.  Anyway, I shot the swine-lovin’ folks at Box Basics a note pleading for an extension, promising them that I will dominate and win the contest and throw a celebacon party for all the losers, I mean…. yea, losers.  Okay, the last part was a lie.  All it took was some virtual eye-flirtin’ [wink-wink-smiley-face-emoticon] and BOOM, I got an extra day and a date next Friday.  Again, all lies.  I did get the extra day, though.  Works every time.

With 29 minutes to spare my submission is finally in.  I present  to you the Golden Bacon Bridge supported by bacon meatloaf mounds with surrounding broccoli shrubs.  You’ll also find mini-potato bacon sailboats floating through black kale.  (I couldn’t find any blue vegetables so don’t even…)

Now, I pray to the baconly-Gods that they give out a prize for 67th place.  Give me a scrunchie.  Something. Anything.

P.S. Dinner anyone?

Taria - GGBridge_1

And if you think my face looks oily well because it’s bacon grease.  Come at me bro.

Taria - GGBridge_3

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 9.34.09 PM


UPDATE 8/21/13:  I WON!!!!!!!!! 


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