Halloween SWEEP


SF Giants celebrate their second World Series championship today and they’re sweeping the streets of San Francisco on cable cars and double deckers.  Halloween could not have fallen on a better day!  I took a walk down the block from my office into the sea of black & orange and immediately felt the pride and weed floating through the air.  Ahhhh, what an amazing feeling.  The highlight of the parade was seeing Luigi getting pushed off a florist stand by an Asian lady with a broomstick.  It could not have been more fitting for this celebratory sweep.  (See last pic) 

In honor of the Giant’s epic win (and Halloween), I made some delicious treats that would satisfy both Halloweenies and Giants fans.  Check them out below!  Sorry Tiger fans, your paws ain’t got no claws.  R.I.P. (MEOW)


Vial of blood to get the office warmed up for the parade (redheaded slut shots)

Blood Samples (redheaded slut shots)

Chocolate Truffle Mice

Rice Krispies Treat Tombstone (MEOW)

Formal burial for the Tigers (MEOW)

Luigi getting swept off the florist stand

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