Five months ago, I started working for a sports site and I didn’t know anything about sports.  Today, I still don’t know much about sports except that the 49ers KICK ASS!

Now that I’m in the sports biz, I’m making more of an effort to learn about sports and the best way to learn about sports is to follow a team.  And why not follow my hometown teams?  Go Giants & Niners!  (Sorry, Warriors, you’re on the back burner for now).

When football season started, I was eager to follow the games with my girlfriends who are freakishly into the Niners.  Let me tell you, these b*tches be cray.  I didn’t understand half the things they would say but I would just smile and nod because I didn’t want them to hurt me.  (They really are nice people, I swear.)

The first week of this football season was a very memorable one.  Jack Daniel’s and my company hosted a huge viewing party for the 49ers vs Packers game.  I met former Niner players Roger Craig and Steve Bono and had bottomless Hennessy cocktails.  No big deal.  After that, I was hooked.  Not on Hennessy, but watching the Niners.  I realized that I love Alex Smith because, well, he’s just really good to look at.  And even though he’s not a player, I love me some Jim Harbaugh (now known to me as HarBRO).  He always seems so angry and that makes me happy for some strange reason.

Isn’t he just something??

Anyway, now that I’m a (rookie) fan, I wanted to get myself some Niners gear that I can call my own.  I decided to do something special for my friends so I got all of us custom made jerseys.  Now I’ll never watch football topless again.  Next time you see me, it’ll be with my girls with our HarBRO So Hard shirts watching the Niners spank the NY Giants!

Make your own shirts here!



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