If you can’t stand the spice, get out of the cabinet.

Hi, I’m Laotian.  (Map to Laos found here and example of Laotian family below.)

photo (6)

Being Laos means essentially two things: 1.) being cursed with an unpronounceable last name that consist of a minimum of 12 letters including a silent consonant and a symbol and 2.) having the love of all things spice.  Although it’s not a Laotian staple, Sriracha is my go-to spicy condiment I literally put on everything.  It might be the actual crack they put in it that makes me go cray but I’m okay with that.  Now that I have an awesome Sriracha Cookbook given to me by my dear friend Kate, things are gonna get real hot up in hurrrrr .  I put this bad boy to use this week and made Sriracha Tzatziki and Sriracha Lamb Kebabs.  They came out deliciously spicy.  Thanks Kate for keeping the spice in my life!

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

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