Is Tha Block Hot or Is It Just Lil Wayne?


Well there’s no 5-0 on my tail so it MUST be Lil Wayne.  Shit just got real when I confirmed tickets for the America’s Most Wanted concert headlining yours truly, Young Weezy babee.

It might come to a shock to some people that I’m a HUGE fan of Lil Wayne.  One might ask how I could ever connect with an artist who’s music is so vulgar and demeanor that is far from the likes of T-Swift.  Well, people who really know me know that I don’t listen to lyrics – ever.  No, it’s not by choice and yes, it is because I can’t seem to follow a string of words (written or verbal) for the life of me.  So lyrics is a non-issue.  As for his demeanor, he’s just a little hood that’s all.  We could all use a little ‘rat in us if you ask me.  So just suck on a lollipop, make it rain and be a number one stunna.  I won’t judge you.

Speaking of being a fan, I’ve been really into these animated GIFs that has taken the interwebs by storm.  Whoever invented this God bless you and curse you at the same time.  Because of you I can always count on a good laugh and because of you I lose an average of 1.5 hours of productivity at work.  Thank/fuck you.

With that said, I leave you with my visual ode to Lil Wayne – a la GIFs.

How I feel about weddings & birthdays


Me whenever it’s time to eat


When someone expects me to calculate the tip


When my boss and bestfriend act surprise when I tell them I’m going on vacation again


When someone stupidly ask if I want to do Happy Hour


2.5 hours into Happy Hour


When people judge me for blacking out the night before


When people ask what I think of #selfsies


When my girls and I hear the intro to ANY hood song


How I’m signing out….


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