Persians… They’re Not Just Rugs

They’re also princes and princesses who are a part of Bravo’s hit reality series, Shahs of Sunset.  This Real Housewives spin-off show follows the lives of six (filthy rich, hot-headed) Iranian-Americans who scamper up and down the streets of Sunset Blvd in their Louboutins, boasting about their thriving real estate businesses in hopes of improving the American perception of the Iranian culture.  To add a little color, here are some quotes from the cast:

  • GG (The Persian Princess): “There are two things I don’t like.  I don’t like ants and I don’t like ugly people.”
  • Reza (The Gay): “Telling somebody that they’re wearing H&M in our group is basically calling them a broke ass.”
  • Asa (The Gypsie Nut Job): “When diamond water goes into body or on my body, it directly connects me to my inner Aries fire dragon, intergalactic Persian priestess. It’s like magic. And it’s very expensive by the way.”
(Yea, that b*tch cray.)

Just when I thought I couldn’t squeeze another dose of reality into my life, Ryan Seacrest goes and proves me wrong.  Thanks Ryan, for unleashing the Kardashians on us and a few more overpaid nobodies.  Yes, you’re sensing jealousy.  Why couldn’t Ryan discover me?  I’m brown and I, too, was once mistaken for a rug — an oriental one.  True story.  #notaracist

I guess I’ll just have to sit tight for my big break and watch others rise to the top.  I might as well be eating brownies while I wait…

*Disclaimer: Shahs of Sunset is only a depiction of these six cast members.  I didn’t make this stuff up!  In no shape or form do I believe that this show is a true reflection of the Iranian community.  With that said, let’s eat some damn brownies.


Almond Fudge Brownies (Paleo/Gluten-free)

Almond Fudge Brownies (Paleo/Gluten-free)

Almond Fudge Brownie w/ Avocado Frosting (Paleo/Gluten-free)

Shahs of Sunset and brownie



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